VOVIN: Reflections on the Temple of Ascending Flame is available now!

“Vovin” is a unique contribution to the Left Hand Path and the Draconian tradition. In these pages you will find a first-hand account of the transformative power of the Temple of Ascending Flame. Many people have written their occult autobiographies throughout the years, but virtually none have focused on the gnosis they gained through working the system of the temple. Most authors are content to share their amazing magick tales, and be done with it, but here you find very little of that. Instead, you will see not only an analysis of the temple itself, but also personal gnosis that was gained through working the temple’s system. In this way, it is not just a memoirs, rather it is closer to a manifesto. Even then, this work is set apart due to the fact that what is being written about is an active temple, and not one that is a footnote in a magical history book. If you want to get to know Denerah more, and get a glimpse of what gnosis is possible through working with the material of the Temple of Ascending Flame, turn the page and enjoy the text!