Liftoach Ish A Gamaliel


Edgar Kerval 

So, you think you know sex magick? This book may cause you to rethink that after you have read it. One of the most cutting edge books on sex magick and sexual alchemy, Liftoach Ish A Gamaliel contains many conversations about sex magick from an almost unknown and undiscussed Left Hand Path perspective. In addition to information you find in other books about sex magick and sexual alchemy, you will also learn about the connection between menstrual blood and sex magick, the Witch-Blood lineage, and the Threefold Gate. Also discussed in these pages are techniques, concepts, and tools that can be used when exploring the sexual side of magick. This is expanded to include information on sexual dream magick and the Tunnels of Set that are connected to key qlipha having to do with sexual magick and alchemy. By the end of the book, you will have accomplished what many have not attempted-an exploration of potent sexual magick techniques and specifically how it all ties together with the tree of night.