Submission Guidelines for Draco Press

We specialize in unlimited paperback editions sold worldwide through Amazon and other similar channels.
You must be 21 years or older to send a submission.
Submission must be a work that is free and clear to be published. I.e., not under copyright to anyone else.
We are interested in new, unpublished works. If your book has been published before, we can still discuss it on the condition that the previous editions are discontinued before you start working with us.  
Manuscript must be no fewer than 25,000 words. 
Manuscripts must have to do with Luciferianism, Draconian Tradition, Left Hand Path, or new aeon magick in general.
Initial submission must include a cover letter that contains the summary of the project, and an outline or table of contents. 
Author must tell us how their project differs from similar books on the market. 
Submissions must be in English, in a .doc or .docx format.
You must provide contact information and a short bio.
We offer royalty rates of 20-50% on all net profits from the sale of your work. We are also responsible for proofing, editing, providing the cover graphics for your book, and preparing it for print. 
Submissions should be sent to: with the subject “Draco Press Submission.”


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