The Hidden Rites of Samael


By Edgar Kerval

The gnosis of Samael presented in this grimoire is based on Draconian and Qliphothic methods of work – astral meditations, the use of fetishes, trances, and invocations. It explains the concepts of the  Sacred Fire and the Venom of God, whose manifestations awaken the forbidden power to become immortal on the path of self-deification and transform the adept into a master of the primal oneiric path, capable of expanding consciousness to unlimited levels. The sorcerer who works with the rites of Samael included here assumes diverse forms of astral pre-totemic spirits that reside in the Typhonian tunnels of A’ano’nin and Malkunofat in order to absorb the power of these infernal paths. This grimoire was received by the author through his personal work and acts as a portal for those who wish to explore the Qliphothic current of Samael and the corresponding paths on the Tree of Night.



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