Rites of Astaroth



Denerah Erzebet 

A series of sinister synchronicities leads an aspiring occultist to sign a pact with one of the most notorious and celebrated demons of the grimoire tradition: Astaroth. Appearing as an alluring and seductive warrior-goddess, she instructs the author in the unique methods of sexual alchemy leading to her guarded mysteries.

Included in this grimoire are the never-before-revealed seals of Astaroth's forty legion generals and the methods to summon them, allowing the magician to obtain the infernal powers of bewitchment, invisibility and necromancy among many others.

If you feel drawn to her power, you only need to devote yourself entirely...

What can you expect to find in the “Rites of Astaroth?” In this revealed book, you will learn

·         How to connect with and absorb the egregore of Astaroth

·         Potent rituals for consecration through the power of Astaroth
·         Black magick pathworkings with the symbolic Spirits of Astaroth
·         Information on how to use the tarot through the guidance of the unholiness of Astaroth
Also contained in this tome is a complete grimoire of Astaroth that includes a ritual for evoking the forty legion generals of Astaroth, as well as an infernal focusing ritual that can be applied to increase your power through this most diabolical being.


  1. Hi!!! Is a magickal circle required to perform this work? Thanks!!!

    1. No magickal circle is required. Just a small altar, the sigil, black candle, and dedication to adhere to the daily rituals. It is going to take a few months though.


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