Review of "Rites of Astaroth"

Review by Noctulius

Rites of Astaroth is a left-hand-path grimoire written by occult author Denerah Erzebet and published by Draco Press. The book details intense magickal methods that are conducted within the boundaries of a pact with Astaroth, one of the most famous and ambiguous demons in classic demonology. In these rites, the practitioner is taught how to gradually attune to the infernal current of Astaroth through methods which merge with her essence, permanently transforming the soul and producing powerful astral thought forms as a result of this intense union. Through the pact and pathworkings contained in this grimoire, the practitioner is also guided into his/her own personal gnosis and revelations of Astaroth’s current.

In Rites of Astaroth, Denerah not only lays out practical methods for working with Astaroth; she takes the reader on a journey through her personal experience with these rituals. Gradually we get to witness the unfolding of a magician’s relationship with a demonness, and perhaps an even greater unfolding: that of the magician’s destiny. As often is the case when working with initiatory spirits, an answer from Astaroth only provokes more questions. Therefore, any who dare to work so closely with her through the rituals contained in Rites of Astaroth should be warned: what you will attain is not the enlightened ENDING of a spiritual journey, but the dark BEGINNING of one. I am fully convinced that, all rites of sex magick and possession aside, the sheer intensity of time and devotion to that is advocated in this grimoire will leave any adherent permanently changed on a dynamic level.

Specifically, Rites of Astaroth very clearly and efficiently presents pact-making, astral magick, and pathworking. As such, it not only teaches how to attune to Astaroth, but also how to use this relationship to affect one’s surrounding world in verifiable ways. It carries the essence of the author, who is an ambitious and goal-oriented individual. Denerah is unafraid to undertake some of the more dangerous forms of demonic magick, and this is something from which the reader can draw inspiration. The most rewarding forms of power are also those which require the most risk and sacrifice. That’s how the left hand path operates.

All-in-all, Rites of Astaroth is an intense magickal grimoire that can lead the practitioner into startling gnosis and manifestation of personal success. I recommend it to any magician (draconian or otherwise) seeking to develop his/her power, self-knowledge, and sense of destiny.  


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