NOXOBNIA - Feminine Deities of the Left Hand Path

"Noxobnia" is a collection of contemporary Left-Hand Path authors and their essays regarding various goddesses of the Left-Hand Path. It is a little more than that, though, as many of these goddesses may not seem of that alignment. In that way, "Noxobnia" is a collection of views on Left-Hand Path and dark goddesses, and in this context, dark is the unknown. Anyone of any occult background will find not only value in these writings, but may also get hooked onto new authors. Also contained in this anthology are pieces of art and rituals that can be used to get to know these ancient spirits better.Themes of articles contained here include Baba Yaga, Emme Ya, Triple Moon Goddess, Kurukulla, Mandaean Cosmology, Seshat, Lilith, the Fates, and many more. The list of authors: Lukasz Grochocki, Linda Falorio, Bill Duvendack, VerĂ³nica Rivas, Asenath Mason, Sean Woodward, Abby Helasdottir, Thomas Karlsson, S. Connolly, Humberto Maggi, Leonard Dewar, Kazim, Asbjorn Torvol, J.A. Perez, Sarah-Jayne Farrer, Fr. Arzaq, and Edgar Kerval.